Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Ahead!

Today I realised Christmas is just two days ahead.
And there's some things to do.
Cleaning.... Cooking... Decorating... Buying a Xmas Tree... Put the candlelight in it... And on and on and on...
So I put on some music while I work:

Earth - The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
(because the beautiful developed post-rock drones and melodies)

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes (because the beautiful davidcrosbyan harmonies and because it makes me want to go back to DC's If I Only Could Remember My Name, a minor masterpiece)

Merzbow - Merzbear (because inbetween all the beauty I had to come down again with some irregular harsh noise - another side of beauty)

Gas - Pop (because the 4 releases Wolgang Voigt made as Gas between 1996 - 2000 are very appealing techno-drone-electronica with some discreet beats and as everything else this day it has beauty inside, maybe not the best to dance to, but good listening to and you can always try dancing...)

The Rolling Stones - The Black Box (because Stones once was a favourite and I've always been interested in the archeological part of making music as long as it doesn't go down to such small pieces that it harms the music, but visiting the proceedures is nice...)

The Byrds - Untitled (because it was the only Byrds record I ever bought - I wasn't a too big fan of them, too much country in my opinion, even though their Dylan tracks plus some more were nice - because when me and some friends listened to it in a record store when it was new we loved the sound of the live record and we loved the long, extended space rock version of Eight Miles High, and - actually - the second disc, the studio disc, is their best studio effort (yes, impo))

now it's evening,
the Christmas preparations for todays has come to an end,
I think it's time to chose something else to listen to,
sit down in the sofa with a book and a glas of hot, moulded wine,
look at the candlelights in the undecorated Christmas Tree (son # 3 will do that later),
just releax.
Tomorrow will be yet another busy day with a lots of stuff to do.
In Sweden we celebrate Christmas at Christmas Eve, not at Christmas Day as in many other countries.
One day to go...

And Santa's watching us to see if we behave as we're supposed to (whatever that means?)



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