Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reflections from the liquor store

The day before Christmas Eve.
There were a few things left, some food to buy, some flowers and finaly some beer, wine, whisky and cognac, partly to me and partly Christmas gifts.
The final stop was the liquor store. I went in, looked around for what I wanted, found it and went to the cashpoint que. Quite a few people but it didn't take long.
I paid and started putting my bottles into some bags.
Then something happened which made me reflect a bit:

Someone in the store could have had an heartattack and I'm not sure too many would have noticed.
Someone could have had an epileptic attack or just slipped on the floor and smashed their head - I'm not too sure how many would have noticed that either. Everyone's in such a hurry...
But now, two cashpoits from me, someone dropped a bottle of wine on the floor and it crashed!!!!! and from all over the store you could hear the empathic "Ooooooooohhh".

Well, I'm maybe a bit ironic about the heart/epileptic attacks, I'm sure anyone would have helped, but the situation made a funny impact on me when the bottle reached the floor: The sound of some collective grief and compassion.

The picture? No idea who she is, it's from another store in the northern part of the city, but it looks nice and wellcoming....


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