Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lunch Room Discussions - Car Crashes?

At the end of the lunch-session at my job today someone started talking about driving cars and listening to music.
They said: It can't be too soft and slow - You might fall asleep.
They said: We love soft and slow music, ballads and ear-candy stuff.
They said: The music better be fast and rocky when you drive your car, not too lazy.

I thought:
Probably we don't share opinion about what's soft and slow, or ballads or ear-candy, or fast and rocky. Or anything else.

If I knew they knew who he is I would have suggested them to put on almost anything with Mats Gustafson in their car stereo, but I know they don't, so I didn't. At least they wouldn't fall asleep.

I thought: If I should burn a CDR with some Mats G music and give to them for playing in their cars and see what happen?
But, I don't.
They would kill me.

Speaking of music - I don't think we mean the same thing when we talk about it.

And I haven't told them how much better drivers they would be with some Joxfield ProjeX comming out of the speakers.


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