Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Joxfield's Discography

Joxfield's Discography
Album # 22 (as Joxfield ProjeX)
Black (Digital Album + Limited Edition 4xCDR Tin Can Music/Tin Can Music Division of VAHP 2017)
Black is the result of a huge project that has been going on for the last five years. The main focus of the project was to make shorter tracks and it ended up with close to 50 more or less finished tracks of which half of them is included here along with a bunch of other tracks that fits to the collection.
It's primarily a digital release, but for those who urge for a physical 4xCDR copy of the album Tin Can Music Division of VAHP (Very Amateurish Homemade Prints) can offer a print-on-demand service. Unprofessional, but as good as it takes. Edition of 25.
All music written and perfomed by Janne Yan Andersson & Stefan Oax Ek 2007-2017
Words and sung melodies written and performed by Cotton Casino (Tracks 14, 25, 26)
Bow guitar solo composed and played by Makoto Kawabata (Track 14)
Alto saxophone solo composed and played by Ryoko Ono (Track 21)
Words written and spoken by Kenji Siratori (Track 13)
This is the premiere album on Joxfield ProjeX' Bandcamp site

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