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Joxfield's Discography

Joxfield's Discography
Album # 21 (as Joxfield ProjeX & Ryoko Ono)
Red to Red (LP Bam Balam 2016)
Ryoko Ono, born in Sapporo, currently playing mainly in Nagoya, is one of active Japanese female saxophone player, specializing in improvised music and works for saxophone and electronics. Her saxophone play is beautiful, flavourful as well, even if avant-garde or experimental. Already renowned as a collaborator with Richard Pinhas, Tatsuya Yoshida (Sax Ruins), Acid Mothers Temple, etc.
Joxfield Projex is a Swedish irrational dynamic electric, psychedelic duo of Janne Yan Andersson and Stefan Oax Ek producing avant-whatever music. Since 2005 they have released more than 20 albums on various labels. This is their second LP for Bam Balam Records.
Artwork By: Janne Yan Andersson
Composed By: Janne Yan Andersson, Ryoko Ono, Stefan Oax Ek
Alto Saxophone: Ryoko Ono
Bass: Janne Yan Andersson
Drum Programming: Janne Yan Andersson
E-Bow: Stefan Oax Ek
Effects: Janne Yan Andersson, Stefan Oax Ek
Electric Guitar: Stefan Oax Ek
Electronics: Janne Yan Andersson, Stefan Oax Ek
GuitarViol: Stefan Oax Ek
Keyboards: Janne Yan Andersson
Synth: Janne Yan Andersson
Mastered By: Henrik Alsér

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