Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Joxfield's Discography

Joxfield's Discography
Album # 8 (as Joxfield ProjeX)
Picnic (Free download Clinical Archives 2009)
Sounds, visions & constructions by Oax and Yan of Joxfield ProjeX 2007-2009 at C Anna.
The basic recordings for Picnic was an unfinished hour-long pure ambient/drone-piece recorded in 2007 which during autumn and winter 2008-2009 turned into what it is today with loads of rhythmic constructions, samples and additional playing. Picnic is not meant for you to be in a hurry when listening. It is this kind of music that slowly comes to you and takes over more and more of your mind and attention. A lot of things happens.
Free download here

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