Monday, April 19, 2021

Joxfield - "Live Joxfield Vol.1" - Upcoming Release This Month

New upcoming release this month on Tin Can Music!
Joxfield - Live Joxfield Vol.1
In July 2017 Joxfield played quite different versions of the same tune “Crackle” for four days live in Bråna Dalsland. Sweden, as a conceptual project.
Here are some parts of it.
The music presented is hypnotic and beautiful with lots of stuff happening within the musical frames, an effect when city boys meet on the countryside to perform together.
They have since continued with new Joxfield music, but also developed new projects like The Global Researchers
and Etherwink & Larwott.
Joxfield is Janne Yan Andersson & Stefan Oax Ek
Limited edition of CDr will be found at Discreet Music
Streaming and digital download will occure from Tin Can Music Bandcamp.
Beware! Be Aware! Be There!


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