Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Etherwink & Larwott review in The Quietus


Well, this little review by Jennifer Lucy Allan (March 29th, 2021) of three E&L albums in The Quietus made me very happy today
Etherwink & Larwott – Musik Från Bråna
Etherwink & Larwott – Musik Vid Havet
Etherwink & Larwott – Lagereldsmusik
(Tin Can Music)
Bought three of these CD-Rs by Etherwink & Larwott from Discreet in Gothenberg, but wish I’d bought the whole set. These capture “impressions and inspiration of things that can happen in the area of my summer cottage in Dalsland, Sweden” (Musik Från Bråna) “things that can happen around a campfire” (Lagereldsmusik) “things that can happen by the sea and its vicinity” (Musik Vid Havet). There’s also a fourth – Musik I Någon Stad, from the western central city of Gothenburg Sweden. These recordings are impressionistic and minimal in their means. I love the menacing motif and birdsong that opens Musik Från Bråna because it sounds more like an organ than a guitar; the lo-fi shoegazey feel to some of Lägereldsmusik; the heaviness to Musik Vid Havet. There’s something of an early 00s folk underground feel to it, but without the heavy psychedelic edge – moments of Jackie-O-Motherfucker or Charalambides unplugged, perhaps, but combined with something like Jon Collin’s guitar music and Poul Gernes’ organ LP. Whatever it’s reminding me of, these diversions have been second only to MBSP on the living room stereo this month.

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