Saturday, March 4, 2023

Sanity Check (feat. Geoff Leigh & Håkan Almkvist) (Early Edited Version)


Some beautiful music on a Saturday.

"Sanity Check" was originally an improvisation that Janne and I recorded in Kolpebo in the fall of 2007. Then we took the song home, structured it a bit, added something and sent it over to Geoff Leigh, who played the flute, and Håkan Almkvist, who added the bass, sitar, tambura and percussion. The so-called original version (which does not have the flute) ended up on "Numbers & Letters", this early edited version appeared 10 years later on "Abstract & Concrete - The Mystery Of Numbers & Letters Revealed".

If you want to hear a lot more music from this time, you can go here:

(And the label that wants to release a mega-box with 7-8 LPs from these recordings... well, just knock on the door!)

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