Friday, February 8, 2013

The Ghost of Dark White Morning - Out Demons Out ! ! !

In 2005, after a short break of 30 years, Yan and Oax reactivated their musical explorations, this time as Joxfield ProjeX.
The first weeklong recording session happened in Bråna, Dalsland, Sweden in the very beginning of May 2005. No preparation except lust to make music. A lot of improvisations and instant composing.
The very first track to record was "Hurricane", a simple two chord improvisation, to find the "feeling" for the week of recordings to follow, get used to equipment. Just a distorted guitar and some wild, nasty keyborad. No overdubs. Pure live in the studio.
The result of that weeklong session became Dark White Morning, a 2 CDR set printed in about 20 copies, mostly given away to friends.

"Brana Funk" is from the same weeklong session in 2005 that brought "Hurricane" and resulted in the 2 CDR disc Dark White Morning. I can't resist uploading it.
This track is wild, messy and mad and when recording it was so loud in the room where we were playing that we actually couldn't hear anything but the buzzing noise we made, the sound of the programmed drums when lost, we couldn't hear anything, but caught a feeling that was so huge that we didn't want to stop, just went on. The track is both terrible and charming in my opinion, not too tight I may say. 
Programmed simple drums, guitar, keyboard. Another guitar and keyboard was immediately added after recording of the basic track.
I did send a copy of the album to Deavid Allen (of Gong, ya know) and after a long time he wrote back:
"dear stefan,
thank you for your cd dark white morning which I have finally listened too (sorry it took so long but I have many to listen to & very little time)
On Disc 1 i liked tr3 & 4 best and on Disk 2 i liked the guitar work on tr4 and the wild gliss on tr 8 ("Brana Funk")."


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