Friday, December 13, 2019

Some 14½ Years Ago

Some 14½ years ago during the first week of May 2005 Joxfield made their first recordings after 30 years hiatus (the last recording before that was made as Andersson & Ek in spring or summer 1975, a 16 minutes track called Cosmic Bananas).
The music was mainly instant compositions and improvisations and the result became a very raw and rough 2 CDR, "Dark White Morning" (printed in 20 give-away copies, now gone since long). It all was an experiment to find out weather we had any creativity within or not. We were completely exhausted after that week's emptying of creativity, but decided to continue, which we did.
Here's the first ever track we recorded May 2005
In early 2020 we will release our 23rd album, "Red White Blacke & Pale", a 55 minutes, four track album of very structured music.

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