Friday, August 4, 2017

Joxfield ProjeX guesting on compilations

For the most hard core Joxfield ProjeX devotees. 
Here are some non-Joxfield produced compilations where we've been asked to add a track. 
The tracks are not released anywhere else but on this albums, some of them very hard to find, some not.
Judy Dyble - Gathering The Threads (Fifty Years of Stuff) (2015) Track: No Kro Poh 
V/A - Wire Tapper 38 (2015) Track: China Syndrome (Radio Ed)
V/A 25 years of good clean fun...(A Celebration of the Terrascope and Phil McMullen) (2015) Track: Mesele Pattern

V/A Vegetable Man Project 6 (2009) Track: Vegetable Man (a collaboration with Airwaves)

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