Monday, March 7, 2016

Joxfield ProjeX & Friends - Numbers & Letters - One rare copy for sale

Joxfield ProjeX & Friends - Numbers & Letters (originally titled Abstract Numbers & Concrete Letters A-Z) was 3 disc set release on Clinical Archives as free download in 2010.

Except Janne Yan Andersson & Stefan Oax Ek of the duo, there are a lot of contributions from Geoff Leigh, Pat Mastelotto, Nikke Ström, Håkan Almkvist, Kenji SiratoriJosé João Loureiro, Churner, Hiromichi Sakamoto, Regina P and Jan Ternald (wonderful cover art)

There was no actual physical release of it except a few copies for promotion, etc.
So, if it's still there you can get a copy from Roger Linney's very nice label Reverb Worship's web site. Just clic the link and scroll down a bit.
13) Joxfield Projex – Abstract Numbers & Concrete Letters A-Z (advance 3cdr set) £10.00

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