Sunday, December 15, 2013

Joxfield ProjeX - Archives EP 9 - Last First Day

Joxfield ProjeX - Archives EP 9 - Last First Day

Todays as well!
By finishing the 9th and last of the Joxfield ProjeX Archives EPs we've now gathered two handful of EPs for you (minus one finger) as a Christmas gift. Take it or leave it - it's all yours if you like.
For free from here:



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  2. Wrong link! Try this one instead! -

  3. Ooops! Now it's changed and the right link occurs. Thanks a lot, Kevin!!!

    1. Everyday something new and perplexing happens on funny old Google :-D
      Glad it's working now!

      This morning I've gathered together all nine EPs (as well as "Insult On The Dancefloor", which had been languishing on my iTunes player for a year) and burned them all onto a CD-R. Umpteen hours of continuous Joxy as 'OFFICE AMBIENCE'?? It'll probably drive me mad, I tells ya! Whuhuhhuhuhuh!

      Season's greetings chaps!
      Minty the PP

    2. Well, if you're notalready mad (by your kindly support of Joxfield) you will probably be. I wish you some good listening - and don't forget, the EPs are old stuff, but the future with new music is coming closer, 2014 may be an interesting Jox-Year!! Have a wonderful Xmas & NYear

    3. I found the EPs to be a fascinating mixture of old and new -

      i.e.; some I found familiar, recalling those halcyon days when we shared each other's music on ThatMySpace...

      ...and some of it was 'new' (to me, anyway).

      "Insult On The Dance Floor" I still consider your strongest work, but of the Archive series, I'd say EP6 (Mme Balanova Halucinates) is the one I keep returning to lately.

      Yours Pedestrianly Pedantic, Minty

    4. Sounds great, Kevin! All the EPs are old in production even though some of it isn't released before. So, I like that you like "Insult" best, because it's the newest one (in production) that's up n running on Internet Archive/Stefan