Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Albums Galore said...

Joxfield ProjeX is one of the most consistently rewarding avant-garde/experimental music groups that I have featured on Free Albums Galore. The project is actually a duo by two musicians simply named Oax , who plays most of the guitars, and Yan who takes care of the keyboards. Both of them also contributes electronic effects and various other instruments to the mix . There are a few albums by them released on Clinical Archive. Yet Numbers and Letters is by far their best and most realized effort. It is also my pick for best online avant-garde/experimental music release for 2010.

One of the things that makes this album stand out is the addition of guest artists which seems to bring the best out of Joxfield ProjeX. There are just too many guests to mention but you can find them listed on the download page. However, two that tend to stand out for me are saxophonist Geoff Leigh and sitarist Håkan Almkvist. The album is over 2 hours long and is the equivalent of 3 CDs. Disc A is titled Abstract Numbers and it is a bit more introverted than the other two offerings. It is also my favorite precisely due to the quieter and serious structure that pervades through the tracks. Disc B & C are titled Concrete Letters: A-M and Concrete Letters: N-Z. They have an harder edge but still are entertainingly complex efforts. They may be a bit more challenging for the avant-garde music novice.

Those who enjoy more experimental forms of music will appreciate Numbers and Letters but the music is not so “out there” that more conventional music lovers will not enjoy it too. So download it and give it a listen.

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Of course we thank them a lot for picking Numbers & Letters as the best online avant-garde/experimental music release for 2010. We're deeply honored.


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  1. I just read the review at Free Albums Galore - very interesting music. Make me re-think some of my own attempts at "avant-garde" and realize how much further you've pushed the limits of "music."

    Very cool stuff. Thank you for sharing your art.