Saturday, December 4, 2010

Attention! Mats Gustafsson - Needs!

For those who care about what happens out there:
A new LP from Mats Gustafsson. "Needs!" on the great Dancing Wayang label.
The first you see is the extremely wonderful art sleeve painting as an fold-out by Mathias Pöschl.
Then you put on the LP and if you coincidentally have no idea what you'd expect to hear you might think MG will blow you away, as you've been used to he's doing every now and then (and you love it).
But, if you've read anything about this release you'll have the feeling that this is something else.
And it is.
MG is playing with MG, the reeds man with the electronics one.
Is it music? Silly question. What IS music? Ask John Cage. He would tell you it IS music. But, who cares.
What MG does and how he does it is actually a bit unintersting. What's really intersting is how it sounds. And it just sound great, more like electro-acoustic improvisations than anything else.
And, as always with sounds of music, it speaks better for itself than if anyone, like me, is trying to pathetically explain the texture of it.
Challenge your mind, go and get it yourself!
The quick ones will receive an 3" additional bonus CDr.


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