Saturday, December 12, 2009

December Is Grey And Cold...

..Yes, it really is.
And how to survive?
Maybe a kind of luxury problem knowing we don't have to starv
and we do have roofs over our heads when we want,
we don't have to freeze, we have cloths, we can go inside if it gets too chilly,
etc etc etc
sometimes we get bored
and on occasions like that we grab hold on the best we have:
which here means
which here means
possibly the best ever blog site for download links of very, I mean
interesting music, mostly unknown, at least in my little world.
Experimental and underground of all kinds (synth, prog, psyxch, contemporary, sound constructions, name it), always music with a twist, always pointing forward.
It's rips of LPs, Cassettes, CDRs, CDs, whatever, mainly from the 70's and 80's, but could be from anytime.
All music are from very unavailable albums, out of stock for ages.
Kind of mental lifesaver...
Or something


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