Monday, July 20, 2009

Back In Business Again....

Well, sooner or later, as always, vacations comes to an end.
Back in business again...
Checking the net to see if everyone is as sleepy as I.
Do find some nice words/reviews of the three Joxfield Clinical Archives releases:

"Joxfield ProjeX - three albums
Genre: Ambient, Avant-Garde, Electronica

Joxfield ProjeX’s sound constructions may be avant-garde yet they have an accessible appeal for those who are not necessarily familiar with the more “out-there” performances of experimental music. Sound artists Oax and Xan have an involving style of music-making. These are complex compositions that ropes in the listeners. Clinical Archives currently have three very good albums by these interesting musicians.

Bits and Pieces #1-13 are short vignettes. While existing independently from each other, their sum make up a coherent suite of sounds. Aside from the various electronic manipulation, the duo uses samplings of spoken word by Guillaume Apollinaire, Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, James Joyce, Allen Ginsberg, William S Burroughs & Ezra Pound.

Picnic is based on a single drone work created in 2007. However the artists added samples, rhythms, and various effect to develop this set of seven “variations”. Again, we have an experimental work that is interesting, a bit challenging yet entertaining.

The newest album, Virtual Dreams and Realities, consists of two extended compositions. The title work is a sampler’s paradise mixing everything from bird sounds to sneezes. “New August Sense Of Ease And Pain” is off-the-mainstream electronic dance. These two tracks amuses and entertain. This is the Joxfield ProjeX album I would recommend the novice listener to this style of music to start with."

Free Album Galore is a most interesting, quality-thinking site with direct links to free and legal downloads of mostly very, very interesting music of all kinds. Been familiar to them for a couple of years and it doesn't hurt at all finding Joxfield being recommended there.


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