Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not Only Springtime

Abstract Numbers & Concrete Letters A-Z

Have anyone missed it's springtime?
Of course not. For more than a week the sun has been kind and gentle with its shining on our pale bodies. It's gives energy and creativity (well...)

A week ago at the (in)famous Camp Batang we made the final adjustments to our huge Abstract Numbers & Concrete Letters A-Z ProjeX, an ambitious tour de force we've been involved in for more than two years, spending hundreds and hundreds of hours to get things in the way we want, to be satisfied (which actually never will happen as we're never 100% satisfied with what we do, but anyway...)
23 - 25 tracks, depending how you count (two of them are two-parted), about 2 ½ hours of music.

Oax & Yan of Joxfield ProjeX
+ Guests:

Geoff Leigh - Soprano sax, Flute, Efx, Vocals, Composer, Author (Geoff Leigh, Henry Cow, Mirage... name it)
Pat Mastelotto - Drums, Percussions, Samples (King Crimson, Stickmen, XTC... name it)
Nike Ström - Bass (Everywhere and all over for decades)
Håkan Almkvist - Sitar, Tampura, Bass, Indian Percussion (Oriental Squeezer, Ganapati)
José João - Elephant Noiseguitar, Samples (Orquestra Populare de Paio Pires)
Regina P - Vocals (Copernic #)
Kenji Siratori - Spoken Word, Author (Kenji Siratori)
Churner - Harsh Noise (Churner)
Sakamoto Hiromichi - Cello (Haco, Sakamoto Hiromichi)

So, now when it's ready it's up to YOU to get it.
Stay alert!


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