Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just An Important Album Pt 7

Silver Apples - Silver Apples (1968)

Silver Apples - Contact (1969)

Two guys from New York City, Simeon Coxe III (Simeon), on oscillators and primitive synthesizer of own homemade origns and/or constructions, and Danny Taylor on drums and percussions. Stanley Warren was a guy who wrote the words to most of the songs
Modern, original, almost a decade before Alan Vega & Suicide's attempts. Melodic mantras and pulsating beats we recognised on the dancefloors in the late 90s.
And on and on...
These two records are magnificent and good, pointing forward in a most unusual way. And we're still talking about the 60s...
An important album? Well, actually it wasn't for me. I've recently heard them, but them almost chocked me and made me think how come this little combo became cult and not on top of the bills of cred?
I don't have any answers... Sometimes things just happens.
Anyway.. lend them a few ears or so...
In 1970 a third album was recorded, Garden, but as their label Kapp Records, was bought by MCA and the album was lost and forgotten until 1996 when it was released.

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