Friday, January 9, 2009

Culchurch & The Richness Of Culture

A new year - New activities.
Today I was in the choise of either undress/undecorate the terrible and sadly looking Xmas tree or starting with some new musical activities.
Guess what won?

The tree will be something for the weekend.

The workingtitle for the tune is 'Phantastique' and is something Yan want me to start with to save some old, unused basic patterns from disappearing in smoke. And, as always, I do as he says (?!?!). Let's see what I can do about it. I order loads of files from him and then add it into my Cubase and from that point the creative act starts: Samples, additions, playings, more new files ordered etc.

And what about Culchurch - The Richness Of Culture?
Yesterday I finnished reading Haruki Murakawi's novel 'Kafka On The Shore'. And I must say: WOW!!! What a book! Of course it's no good idea trying to nominate The Best Book Of 2009 on the 8th of January, but it wouldn't surprise me if it will be in that way.
Check it up, read it, read more by Haruki Murakawi, it really will bring richness to your cultural life.

When I Google it I find only 4 matchings. Places or companies. None of them right. When I first saw the word it was in an essay book by Ezra Pound some 20 years ago and he (or the translator) had constructed it from the words culture and church meaning that our relationship to culture sometimes was a bit too devotional. Maybe he was right, I don't know. For me culture maybe isn't religion, but at least it brings me the same qualities of having a temple within as for those who believes. God as culture or Good culture? Just a little 'o' letter differs, a little 'o', like a mouth opened by astonishment.
I think the book was 'Culture, essays' (1938), btw.

If Joxfield ProjeX is culture or culchurch we don't know. It's fun and hard work doing the music, fun listening to it while we drink beer and/or whisky. We prefere calling it art in general and thereby avoid the definition of what specific 'art' is.
O' (without any other comparison)

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