Sunday, January 22, 2012

VoxLuxRabax - The Review!!

On the great Recent Music Hereos blog you can read some very nice words on our latest release:

Joxfield ProjeX - VoxLuxRabax (2011)

"/Krautrock, Avant-rock, Experimental rock, Noise, Ambient, Improvised music, Noise rock, Ambient noise/

Comment: the unsung juggernauts of krautrock and the champions of avant-prog/experimental rock are back with their brand new heavy one. The first impression of mine is that the Swedish duo seems to be so loud and defiant as never being before. There are up 4 tracks, first time after a while not being issued on Clinical Archives. However, these long-running compositions are filled in with the shards of abrasive sonic metal and razor-edged smithereens, thereby challenging the eminent noise concept of rock done ever before - from My Bloody Valentine`s charming guitar noise and The Jesus & Mary Chain`s dirty feedback-centered resonation to harsh, obsessive concepts of Fushitsusha, and Gerogerigegege and, on the other side, (Le) Fly Pan Am`s (N`Ecoutez Pas) arty noise episodes and post-rock-mixed vistas and Borbetomagus` free jazz-relied improvised noise. Furthermore, the second part of the 3rd track/part (Ola & The Jugglers) does have managed to acquire a highly rhythmic template below the shrieking massives of guitar riffs and "indecipherable" sort of trash (you can perceive even fusion-alike progressions emitting out from it!) and the closing development Cats Sing Strange Songs fuses some sorts of experimental tendencies into glacial glow-hued ambient music. The result is as powerful as JP`s aspirations proclaimed on a handful of the albums before, though, this times having a little different point of view and galvanized aspect. However, you can call it even the kind of white metal, because of its enormous, braw shape (though having more frantic impetus within it). Well done, Oax, and Yan."

Of course we thank our favourite guy Kert Semm a lot for his very generous review of our music, it's people like him that makes us want to go on doing weird sounds like these, keeps us on the track.

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