Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pedantic Pedestrian / Joxfield ProjeX - Peace Bit XIV Video

Pedantic Pedestrian / Joxfield ProjeX - Peace Bit XIV

This is a video of a couple of years of age. I thought it had appeared on this blog before, but I'm probably wrong, so here it is.
It's made by our old friend Pedantic Pedestrian from a remake/remix of some Bits & Pieces tracks he once did and here he explains the video himself:

"This piece of music is assembled from samples of "Bits & Pieces #1-13" (hence the title) by Scandinavian friends Joxfield ProjeX. The accompanying video is likewise constructed from readymade stock footage (from the MAGIX concern), subjected to various treatments"


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  1. Hey thanks Oax!
    (coincidentally) I'm currently trawling through my own old postings and gathering them together here - - so if I unearth any other details/gossip/info about this video, then I'll let you know!
    Minty the PP