Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Joxfield's Discography

Joxfield's Discography
Album # 16 (as Joxfield ProjeX)
Insult On The Dance Floor (Free download Tin Can Music 2012)
With music still keeping some heavy rough and dark moods the intention of this album is to offer some uplifting lightness and joy to the listeners, bring them loads of swirling sounds that even might bring them up on the dance floor for some horror moves in a futuristic dance exercise. The music is as intense, electric and beautiful as ever.
All music is recorded at Camp Batang, Stockholm and at Camp Anna, Gothenburg 2011-2012.
Cover art photographs by Henrik Schyffert - All rights reserved (Thanks a lot, Henrik!)
Production, sounds & visions by Joxfield ProjeX
This music should be played with full attention at any volume you like.
You are allowed to dance to it
Free download from here

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