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Joxfield's Discography

Joxfield's Discography
Album # 13 (as Joxfield ProjeX & Guests)
Numbers And Letters (3 Disc Set Free download Clinical Archives 2010)
Have Joxfield ProjeX become a Big Band with all these guests? And is this The White Album of Joxfield ProjeX? The answer is No on both questions. When we were about to start our new recording sessions in 2007 we had decided we wanted to bring our music into territories where we had never been before. To do so we wanted to involve other people and asked around amongst artists we liked and respected and to whom we could direct a mission - contribute to our music in an open-minded and creative way. Most of those we asked generously brought their inspiration to us and went into the project, sometimes for a specific track, sometimes for many of them.
Very quick we realised it was a huge project and when it all was finished we had about 2,5 hours of music we didn't want to split up. That's why it's a 3 disc set. The variation of the music is the variation of our minds, that's how we are. For those who care Disc A - Abstract Numbers is maybe a bit introvert, reflective and the Discs B & C - Concrete Letters A-Z might seem extrovert, a little bit more easy-going. Most of the music is recorded in 2007 with lots of additional recordings, editing and treatments in 2007 - 2010.
Joxfield ProjeX is still the duo Oax and Yan playing their instruments, programming stuff, adding whatever they find reasonable to add, edit and treat. What about the guests? Most of them do have a long and deep history of success with various bands etc, but instead of fooling both you and them and pretend this music here sounds like anything what they've done with those constellations we suggest you check them up by your own.
Artwork By — Jan Ternald
Composed By — Geoff Leigh (tracks: 2.07), Oax, Yan
Drum Programming — Yan
Effects — Oax, Yan
Guitar — Oax
Keyboards — Yan
Bass - Håkan Almkvist on tracks (CD 1 2, CD2 4, 6, CD 3 2)
Bass - Nikke Ström on tracks (CD 1 6, CD 2 2, 6, 7, CD 3 2, 6)
Sitar - Håkan Almkvist on tracks (CD 1 2, CD 2 4, CD 3 7)
Tampura - Håkan Almqvist on tracks (CD 2 4)
Percussion - Håkan Almqvist on tracks (CD 2 4)
Drums & Effects - Pat Mastelotto on tracks (CD 2 6, CD 3 2, 6)
Guitar & Sampler - José João Loureiro on tracks (CD 1 8, CD 3 5)
Flute - Geoff Leigh on tracks (CD 1 8, CD 3 6)
Soprano Saxophone - Geoff Leigh on tracks (CD 1 9, CD 2 1, 2, 7, CD 3 6)
Effects - Geoff Leigh on tracks (CD 1 9, CD 2 1, 2)
Jew's Harp - Geoff Leigh on tracks (CD 2 3)
Vocals - Geoff Leigh on tracks (CD 2 7)
Vocals - Regina P on tracks (CD 3 7)
Spoken Word - Kenji Siratori (CD 1 8, CD 2 2)
Cello - Sakamoto Hiromichi Sakamoto on tracks (CD 1 10)
Harsh Noise - Churner on tracks (CD 1 10)
Lyrics By — Geoff Leigh (CD 2 7), Kenji Siratori (CD 1 8, CD 2 2)
Sampler - Oax
Recorded at various locations between spring 2007 and very early 2010.
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