Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holy Shit!!!! A Rarity!! Ola & The Jugglers - The Video!!!!

Holy Shit! Holy Cow!! Holy, Holy Whatever!!!!
Here's the video for the extended, previously unreleased, original "Ola & The Jugglers" track.
All of it. 25 plus minutes. A true rarity - never seen or heard like this before.
It's made by our favourite, psychedelic video-maker AltRev, alias György. It was ordered by me 'n' Yan late summer 2010 to use on a private release-party with TC3 to celebrate some new recordings we've made.
Some of these recordings ended up on "Voxluxrabax", our latest release, so far (but, don't worry, there will be more....). On the album is an edited version of Ola where the first 10 minutes of guitar banging terror is missing.
But, here's all of it! Only for you!!
The video begins with 20 seconds of silence, and then...... oh, Mah God!!!!
If your loudspeakers will shiver and shake, just nail them to the floor.
And dance!!!!!!

ThanX a lot, György!!!!

The album:

György's Joxfield videos (and some more):

And György himself:


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