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Smorgasbord - Oddities and Rarities 2005-2010

Smorgasbord - Oddities and Rarities 2005-2010

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Orchestral; contemporary; noise; lounge; ambient; experimental; psychedelic; trance; spoken word; easy-listening music from Joxfield ProjeX

Joxfield ProjeX for dinner! Why not? “Smorgasbord” is a collection of oddities and rarities from the five years of Joxfield ProjeX existence 2005 until now. These are tunes recorded mostly between album sessions, out of context, standing on their own feet. Some of them are radical remixes/re-makes of something released/not released during this period. And believe it or not, you’ll find Kenji Siratori as a spoken word crooner… Enjoy the meal!

01 - Watching Andromeda on a Siberi 6.15
02 - Unnecessary Wounds (incl. Insane Asylum) 9.51
03 - The Steak 10.54
04 - As Close As You Are 3.35
05 - Jokesfield Installation 1 4.33
06 - GG Dancers on Trance 4.12
07 - Machine Place 7.30
08 - PnB 5 2.46
09 - Absent Gurus 16.43
10 - Surprise For Dr Y 2.32
11 - In the middle of winter - and a fly sits on the window 7.29
12 - New Andromeda 1.37

Yan: Keyboard, bass, percussion programmer, vocals, samples, treatments, a gentle and serious mind
Oax: Guitar, glissando, vocals, samples, treatments, additional bass and percussion, innocence and naïvity.
Guests: Kenji Siratori: Spoken words on 02 and 04
Sussi Johansson: Additional vocal on 04

All words and music by Yan and Oax. Kenji's words written by himself.
Recorded at Camps Kolpebo, Batang & Anna 2005 - 2010
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  1. Listening to this new one is a real good time, excellent album, thank you !