Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Most Beautiful Band/Artist T-Shirt Ever...

Gong - Camembert Electric T-Shirt

It took me some 39 years to get it, but now it's mine!
I'm not the guy who must buy loads of souvenirs at concerts. I might buy some records if there are any at those events, that's nice, but t-shirts, posters, programs, whatsoever, isn't important for me.
But this particular item I always have thought belongs to my highly advanced dress-code, but for no reason at all it just didn't happen that I bought it. Until now, through Jonny at PlanetGong.
The t-shirt is the cover of Gong's 'Camembert Electric' album (Byg 1971, Virgin 1974), the first real Gong album, and it was drawn and designed by Daevid Allen. Actually, when the t-shirt first showed up I have no idea, but it has been around for ages, probably mid-70's or so.
The picture is ripped from blog.


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