Monday, May 25, 2009

Season Opening Of Camp Brana

Camp Brana - the infamous little cottage place where the first Joxfield ProjeX' recordings were made in the very early of may 2005.
It really seems like a long time ago, it has surely been a long journey.
Four short, long years - a huge amount of music made and more is to come.
I was sitting close to the open fire with my guitar, a little amp and some efx pedal. Yan was sitting in the other end of the room, a bit away from the fire, freezing, with his keyboard in the knees playing some weird stuff. There were some disturbing sounds we didn't want to record, but couldn't find them untill we realised it was Yan's teath clicking.
Suffer, suffer, suffer - all for the art.

This last weekend I went to the place again, opened it up for the summer season, took my first outdoor lunch.

Yan wanted to do our following recordings in a warmer and more comfortable place (with indoor toilette, indoor shower....) so half a year later we ended up at the famous Camp Kolpebo to which we've returned every time we have recorded together... But, that's another story.

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