Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just An Important Album Pt 8

Another triplet of must-have albums of undescribeable aural experiences:

In Search Of Space

Doremi Fasol Latodo

Space Ritual

In spring 1973 Yan and I for the first time did act as DJs on a big school disco at our own school. Some people knowing our musical taste were suspicious, but the arrangers of the disco only knew us as kind and easygoing guys and had no idea to what we use to listen to at home. They probably thought it was the chirpy-chirpy-cheep-cheep stuff that was going around at the radio of the time.
After some heavy openers with tracks from Iggy & The Stooges Raw Power we turned on 'You Shouldn't Do That' from In Search Of Space on the highest volume and left the DJ stand, went dancing with some inncoent girls. Soon we were the only ones dancing....

This was the beginning and the end of our very short career as DJs.
On the other hand it our love affair with the early Hawkwind stuff recently had begun...


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