Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just An Important Album Pt 5

When sitting here listening to Aphex Twin's great "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" I realise how many of all those ambient/techno/etc records that probably never would have been made if it wasn't for the ancestors. Fripp & Eno and those, of course, all the way back to Satie and others.
But, on machines, I cannot think of anyone more important for me as a listener than the old guys in Tangerine Dream whos records until mid-70s were magnificent.
In 1974 I bought "Phaedra", really a landmark for me as an appreciater of ambient sounds with discreet rhythms here and there. It was spellbinding. Long, silent pieces of sounds and music, low volume, but so full of inspirational stuff. Sometimes when things get quiet you're forced to concentrate on what you hear and the audio experience gets even bigger than if it would have been loud as hell.
A while after that I bought the 2 LP set "Zeit", a none-rhythmic ambient masterpiece with for side-long tracks. It was like entering into surreal none-existing landscapes. You could hear it, but was it there?

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